The Commuter Network

Municipal Media Solutions has introduced the Commuter Network in order to give advertisers access to a very desirable audience, in one single buy. Whether you are a national advertiser looking to buy on the East Coast, Midwest, South, and the Pacific Northwest, or a local advertiser in Chicago trying to get the attention of commuters on one of the 11 Metra lines, we make make the process easy and transparent.

The Commuter Network allows you to reach more than 2 million unique monthly visitors, and gives you access to more than 25 million monthly page views.

Here are the reasons you want to have your media on the Commuter Network

  • Attractive demographics
  • Well above average click-through rates
  • Geo-targeting capabilities that are logical for advertisers and the end users, as well as traditional targeting (zip/DMA, day part, device, etc.)
  • Great placement size and location
  • Easy setup even with minimal spending commitments
  • Real time campaign reporting
  • Creative services for advertisers who prefer to have their creative outsourced

Click Here to View the Media Kit for the Commuter Network